What’s the Meaning of Flower Colors?

8/13/20232 min read


  • Symbolizes passion, courage, respect and devotion. The vibrant hue represents deep emotions like love and anger. Bold reds like roses, tulips and carnations express romantic feelings and powerful sentiments. Give red blooms to admire, desire and convey your intense emotions.


  • Represents joy, happiness, cheer and optimism. The bright, sunny hue inspires upbeat feelings. Yellow flowers like sunflowers, daisies and lilies gift sunshine and spread smiles. Give yellow blooms to lift spirits and light up someone's day.


  • Means admiration, sweetness, grace, romance. Soft pink conveys gentle, feminine emotions like affection, joy and sympathy. Pastel pink flowers such as peonies, roses and carnations express tenderness, innocence and first love. Give pink blooms to say thanks, brighten days or as a romantic gesture.


  • Encourages excitement, enthusiasm, creativity and confidence. Vibrant orange evokes joy, warmth and energy. Orange flowers including marigolds, lilies and zinnias are bold and lively. Give orange blooms to send wishes for adventure, success and positive change.


  • Relays purity, reverence, humility, remembrance. Crisp white represents innocence and spirituality. White flowers like roses, orchids and baby's breath suggest traditional themes like weddings and angels. Give white blooms to convey respect, condolences or mark a fresh start.


  • Inspires relaxation, calmness, serenity and tranquility. Cool blue evokes feelings of stability, trustworthiness and professionalism. Blue flowers such as hydrangeas, delphiniums and morning glories are soothing. Give blue blooms when you want to promote healing, contemplation and harmony.


  • Conveys luxury, success, accomplishment and royalty. Rich purple symbolizes extravagance, nostalgia and charm. Purple flowers including iris, alliums and clematis impress with elegance. Give purple blooms to celebrate ambitious goals and express fascination.


  • Represents youthfulness, delicacy, elegance and romance. Soft lavender conveys grace, femininity and nostalgia. Lavender flowers like orchids, lilacs and stocks have a sweet, fresh appeal. Give lavender blooms when you want to inspire imagination, gracefulness and happiness.


  • Symbolizes growth, renewal, good fortune, vitality. Verdant green represents rejuvenation, stability, endurance, and environmental awareness. Green flowers and plants like ferns, ivy and orchids promote refreshed outlooks. Surround yourself with green blooms and foliage to uplift your mind, body and spirit.

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